Full many a gem of purest ray serene,
   The dark unfathomed caves of ocean bear.
   Full many a flower is born to blush unseen,
   And waste its sweetness on the desert air.
                                                                  –Thomas Gray


It is an excellent opportunity for me to give expression to my thoughts on the auspicious occasion of the launch of the website of the Ganga Institute of Architecture and Town Planning, Haryana (GIATP), a constituent of the Ganga Group of Institutions (GGI).Education has always been the most valuable tool of human resource development. It is the mother of all civilisation and cultural mores. However, it has acquired unparalled significance in the new emerging India which is bursting at the seams with burgeoning population which, unless knowledgeable and skilled, is bound to be a burden and liability on the limited natural resources of the nation. Education is the only instrument which can bring about the desired transformation of a liability to an asset. However, this premise is not unqualified. In order to be an agent of change, education has to be skill oriented and of a reasonably high quality comparable to the best elsewhere.
Ganga Group of Institutions realised the truth of this axiom and set up a chain of professional higher education institutions in the disciplines of engineering, technology, management and teacher education to cater to the educational needs of rural India, in addition to a number of schools. The Ganga Institute of Architecture and Town Planning (GIATP) is the latest addition to this conglomerate of quality institutions of professional higher education. The performance recorded so far by GIATP has been very promising and encouraging and gives out a hope of its brighter future and that of its graduates.
Our fondest wish is that no “gem of purest ray serene” lies buried in the “dark unfathomed caves of ocean” and no flower “waste its sweetness on the desert air”. We aim at to unearth the gems and nourish the flowers and let them enrich and use their God–gifted talents for the development of the nation and benefit of mankind. After all, as they say, an educated society is far more powerful than a mighty army. Let us all turn India into that society.

I invite one and all to join hands with GGI and contribute to India’s development.

Best wishes.

(Shri Bharat Gupta)