On the auspicious occasion of the inauguration of the website of the Ganga Institute of Architecture and Town Planning (GIATP), I wish to express my heart-felt thanks to the Hon’ble Chairman of the Ganga Group of Institutions (GGI) Shri Bharat Gupta for giving me an opportunity of taking up the worthwhile task of administering GIATP under his inspiring leadership and guidance.
I also wish to complement the faculty of the GIATP and the students for successfully meeting the challenges of achievement and maintenance of excellence and living up to the motto ‘Empowering Minds to Conquer’ against all odds which an infant institution is destined to face.Architecture is commonly perceived to be an exercise in designing and construction of buildings as opposed to the conservation of environment, its flora and fauna. In reality, it is not so.

Whereas construction of human habitats is necessitated by the growth of population and its migration from villages to business and industrial hubs, the ideal architecture consists of integration and amalgamation of the natural environment with architectural designs so that the purity and serenity of the environment is sustained ensuring a healthier human existence. Our aim at GIATP is to evolve such approaches, methods and techniques whereby the architecture, while serving its purpose, also helps in preserving the environment.I appeal to one and all to help us in this noble endeavour.

Best Wishes
Ar. Amit Garg