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our Labs & Workshops

The senior students are provided learning ambience that is tailored to advance as well as let them master the curricula. Science labs – Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Composite Science Lab, and Mathematics lab are available to students for hands-on-experience. They are navigated through complex concepts with a learner centric approach and curate simple easy tenets. This makes learning a perennial source of joy. The state-of-the-art Home Science Lab and Geography Lab also provide the students with conducive ambience to further and deepen their interests. The technologically advanced Computer lab has made it possible for students across all grades to experiment and nurture their skills.
Additionally, the college features specialized workshops: the Model Making and Carpentry Workshop, where students develop skills in creating architectural models and working with wood, and the Fabrication Workshop, which focuses on metalworking and other fabrication techniques. These facilities together create a robust educational environment for aspiring architects.

Model Making workshop

Building Construction Yard​

​ Carpentary Workshop​


computer lab

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