M.Arch (Landscape Design) 2 years Program

Master of Architecture (Landscape Architecture) is a two year full time Master’s degree programme in Landscape Architecture aimed to develop skills, knowledge and understanding related to built environment, its sensitivity, plant systematic and adopting the principles and practices of careful design strategies in landscape architecture, while responding to environmental challenges such as Climate change, environmental degradation etc
This program offers an opportunity to expand students’ knowledge base for developing solutions for sustainability of Built environment scientifically keeping in mind the socio economical and environmental problems. The curriculum goes beyond traditional design-focused approaches; we integrate research, history, environmental aspects, and social systems into the learning experience, ensuring a well-rounded education.
The program delves into diverse aspects, including natural, cultural, and social systems influencing design decisions, along with mastering the language and literature of landscape architecture, environmental and ecological concerns, geological patterns, watershed management, hydrological principles, and more.

Key Components of Program

The course has been designed in four semesters of equal durations and credits, spread in a total of two years.


The core subjects like Landscape Technology, History and Theory of Landscape Architecture, Water Management, run through two to three semesters. These are designed to assist the Landscape Studio through building up a strong scientific, technological, theoretical and historical base. The first semester has a subject devoted to climatology and the Third Semester has subjects to develop understanding of land economics and research methods. This semester is also designed to form the prelude to the independent Thesis. The fourth semester equips the student for the profession with the subject of Professional Practice.


Professional Training under a Landscape Architect or as a Research Associate with a Landscape faculty is a necessary component of the course. This equips the student with the practical aspects/ research base, offering the required exposure to the realm of the profession and research, before the Thesis is taken up.


The course is designed with flexibility for the student to pursue the area of his/ her interest. The second semester offers an array of specialized landscapes to choose from, the third semester offers a common pool elective wherein the student can opt for an elective outside the department, promoting the interdisciplinary approach. The fourth semester offers electives with focus on conservation of energy and historicity.


Environment & Management studios: These studios focus on Plants, Ecology, Site planning, Development processes, Water resource as the most valuable and vulnerable asset, Planting design, Environmental Impact Assessment and a Seminar in landscape Appreciation.

Landscape Design Studios

These are designed as the Core studios of Landscape design, which run through the entire program with increasing complexities, wherein the student makes an application of all the above modules, culminating in an independent Thesis.

Career Options after M.Arch (Landscape)

Students have multiple career options after graduating with M.Arch (Landscape).
  • Independent Practicing Landscape Architect
  • Employment in Landscape/Urban Design firms
  • Higher Education, Research and Academics.


Eligibility for M Arch is a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture (B. Arch) with a minimum aggregate score of 50 percent, completed from a recognized institution approved by COA.
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